Monday, March 27, 2017

Beta Tested 2: Target Audience

Like I mentioned before, I enjoyed Beta Tested enough that I started work on a sequel immediately.

“That’s right,” I agreed, “The game can’t control our minds.”
Even as I said it though, I wondered if that was necessarily true. The smoke was already clinging to the ground in our cell, but it didn’t smell the least bit sooty. It was more like someone had plopped us in a field of wildflowers in bloom, heady and sweet. I inhaled deeply, and my chest felt warm. My body began to relax again, taking on the heavy drowsiness I had felt when we first logged in. My arousal hadn’t dipped at all either. 
The game was certainly affecting my body.
Jenny voiced that thought. She wriggled a little, getting comfortable in the corner of the cell and asked, “But why not? It’s putting images and sounds and smells right in our heads.” She took a deep breath for emphasis and asked, “What’s the difference between putting in the idea of a smell, and the idea of kneeling?”
Just the mention of it made me want to get on my knees. I wondered dully if she might not be right.
“Like brainwashing?” Nate asked. His tone was skeptical, but his voice was dull too. Whatever the smoke was, it was definitely affecting all of us, not just me.
“Mm,” I agreed, “I know it isn’t, but I can imagine it. Maybe not like…” I paused, finding it difficult to express my thoughts verbally, “… not like thoughts right in our heads, but training us by making us feel things. Experience things.”
I was starting to feel uncomfortably warm, even in my new and low-cut clothes. I unfastened the bustier idly, letting it slip open. 
Nate protested weakly, “That’s still not mind control though. The game can’t control our minds. It can’t do any real harm.”
Can’t Control Our Minds.
Can’t Do Any Real Harm.
That was all true. I definitely wanted to strip and kneel of my own free will.
As the excerpt indicates, it's an indirect sequel - this is the self-contained story of four gamers who play Lost Skeloath after its release.

It's available on Smashwords already, soon to be on Amazon and Nook. Hope you all enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beta Tested

Hey all,

Here's the latest:

From beneath me, Mitch asked, “How’re you doing, Tiff?”
Being so turned on that I would need to mop up my seat hadn’t made me blush, but his voice did. Hearing it sent a thrill down my spine and brought heat to my cheeks. I opened my eyes and replied, “Gooood.”
“I’m glad to hear it,” Mitch said, “Your vitals looked good through the whole thing. I just brought you out to make sure you ate, used the restroom, and so on before we put you back in.”
I sat up, rubbed my eyes and looked down at him. Mitch was so thoughtful. He was so handsome, too. It was hard to understand why I hadn’t noticed it before. I also saw and smelled some boxes of Chinese takeout behind him, and realized that the single scone I’d eaten hadn’t really been enough. I smiled down at him and said, “Thanks. You’re such a sweetheart. And buying me lunch? I could kiss you.”
Mitch rose from his seat and stepped close. He smiled back and said wryly, “Well, let me give you a hand first, then you can kiss me.”
Give you a hand then kiss me.
The words almost seemed to echo in my head, even though I knew he was kidding. I agreed dazedly, “Yes.”
Mitch offered me his hand, and helped me out of the chair. I was so unsteady that I lurched out of it anyway, and he had to catch me. The sheer catsuit hardly felt like it was there at all. It felt instead like my bare body was pressed against his clothed one. My heart flipped in my chest.
I wanted this.
He started to say, “Sorry, I didn’t expect you’d be quite so off kilter, and-”
I kissed him full on the mouth, cutting him off.

It's up on Smashwords, soon to be available elsewhere. Hope you all enjoy it!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hot & Swappable

Got a new book out that I hope you all enjoy:

I nodded at the carefully folded outfit and said, “My nips are gonna poke right through that top, honey.”
He rolled his eyes and said, “This is what I get for cutting your music short this week.”
Trying to think about what he meant made my head foggy. I blinked slowly and asked, “… music?”
“Good grief,” Kevin sighed. He stepped close, made eye contact and said firmly, “Tell me whose slut you are, Tracey.”
I stared at him wide-eyed and replied softly, “Yours.” I’d never let a boy talk to me that way before, never let anyone call me a slut, but somehow, it never failed to get me going when Kevin did it. I already knew I was going to put on the trashy outfit he’d picked out. Now, I just wanted him to play with me first. I focused to try and draw it out. With difficulty, I managed to add, “… but…”
“Butt is right,” Kevin nodded, clearly more to himself than to me. He said, “Spacey Tracey, that’s enough talking.”
<Spacey Tracey>
<Enough Talking>
I felt a head rush, the room seeming to shrink around me. Suddenly, there was only Kevin and his perfect smile, and me. He was right, I had definitely talked enough this morning. I stared at him open-mouthed, waiting for him to speak instead.
Kevin didn’t do that right away. Instead, he pushed me onto the bed, face-down.

Hope you all enjoy it. I'm glad to be back in the saddle, as it were - I really missed this place over the holidays.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Doll Academy 3: Extra Credit

I'm been in the mood to do a longer arc for some time now, and these Doll Academy stories are moving well enough to justify hanging around, so I've decided to stay on them a bit and begin numbering them. (No promises that I won't put out something else if that's what pops into my head, but I have several more ideas to flesh out in this world, bare minimum.)

This one is a sequel to Passing Notes, with Tony assigning Maggie a mission on her first trip outside the school. I'll continue to just number the new ones, and probably leave the first two alone.

Either way, here's the new one:

“Do you know Julie or Phoebe? Spend any time with them?” Spencer sounded a lot more curious about that. His touch was firmer as he spoke. 
“Yes, Master,” I nodded and said, “We’re not close, but we attend many of the same classes. They’re both in Etiquette with me, attend the same gym sessions and so on.” I wasn’t supposed to talk about what all three of us did with Tony, not even with Master, so I added a little lamely, “We’ve hung out sometimes.” 
“So you girls do have free time?” Spencer asked, “What’s…” he hesitated, “What’s life like there?” 
I shrugged and said, “It’s just a private college, Master. The only real difference is that we can’t have any contact with the outside world without permission.” 
“And that they brainwash you to be like this,” Spencer gestured at me. 
‹Brainwash You>  
The words made me shiver. I nodded and agreed, “And that, yes Master.” 
“How do they do that?” Spencer’s hand moved up my leg, and I could tell that whatever had him asking about this, my answers were turning him on. He added, “Do they drug you? Is there some kind of sci-fi machine they hook up to your brain?” 
In my head, I pictured Etiquette class, Professor Horn hypnotizing the class with films, with his beautiful voice. I opened my mouth to tell him a little about what class was like, but all that came out was a brainless and perky, “That information is proprietary. This Doll is unable to discuss it.” 
I clapped a hand over my mouth in surprise. 
Spencer cocked his head at me, then he laughed. 

Hope you enjoy it, and I hope to have the next piece out soon. :)

After edit: gah, missed some highlighting in the Amazon draft, (where I pulled the excerpt from). This is entirely my fault, and I will replace that version as soon as I am able. Sorry, folks! That'll teach me to publish so late in the evening.

Second edit: Replaced the manuscript. I don't think anybody ended up buying the dinged up version, but if you did, the new one will be live by tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Hey all, still hard at work on a new project, (another Doll Academy entry - I have a number of stories I wanted to tell there), but the next week or two has me hopping on other stuff, so I'm releasing a bundle of older stories in the meantime. Here it is:

I'm including Shared With His Permission, Rapt for Christmas and Stripped & Wired, and I should publish my next original work soon. It's already available on Smashwords, and will hit my other vendors pretty quickly.

Hope you are all doing well, and looking forward to next time already.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Doll Academy: Late Admission


So, the latest story - and at least a couple more I have planned - is set in the Doll Academy world, although it's not a direct sequel to Passing Notes. I'm enjoying these, and hope you are too!

“… and three, feeling warm and relaxed,” a familiar voice said firmly.
He was certainly right about how I felt. My head was muddled and foggy, like I was waking from a deep sleep, but my body felt wonderful. Every part of me was tingling and warm and I felt immensely turned on. My stiff nipples rubbed against a thin piece of fabric, and my bare pussy was sopping wet.
“Two, almost awake, but still feeling so good,” the man continued, “And one. Wake up, Natalie.”
My eyes fluttered open of their own accord, and I raised my head with some difficulty. It took me a moment to recognize the handsome face looking back at me, but I managed to say, “Hi, Mr. Horn.”
There was no way he could miss seeing how aroused I was, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t even blushing.
“It’s actually ‘Professor,’” he smiled and explained, “But it’s nothing to worry about.”
“Professor Horn,” I nodded in agreement. That made sense. If he were teaching me things, I would remember them.
“Now then,” he said, “Part of the process here is to wake you up sometimes. Ask you some questions, see how you’re doing before getting you relaxed again. You are going to answer all of my questions with absolute honesty. Everything you say here is just between you and me. There is no need to be shy or hesitate. You can be completely open. Tell me how you will answer my questions, Natalie.”
That was so easy. I smiled brightly and answered, “With absolute honesty.”
He made eye contact and said, “Good girl, Natalie.”
The warm praise made me squirm a little bit. There was already a damp spot on the bed beneath me. I wanted desperately to touch myself. I thought about begging, but it didn’t feel right to speak out of turn. He was a Professor, after all. I just looked up at him and hoped he could read it in my face.
Professor Horn asked, “Was this your first time under real hypnosis, Natalie?”
“Yes,” I nodded slightly, holding eye contact.
“I see,” he nodded thoughtfully before asking, “How long have you wanted to be hypnotized, Natalie?”
“Always.” The word came out of my mouth before I could even think about it. It wasn’t true in the most literal sense, but I couldn’t imagine not wanting it.
Per the usual, it's already available on Smashwords, and soon it'll be at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Hope you're all having a good summer. I'm enjoying mine more now that I can spend more of it doing this. :)

Edited because I forgot to mention something:
Smashwords now offers 'Smashwords Alerts,' which will notify you if any of your favorite authors releases a new work, which sounds pretty cool to me. I know checking blogger isn't the best way to get news.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kept By A Dragon


So this latest one is similar in spirit to one of my first published stories, but different in the details and execution.

“Your mind is outmatched,” the dragon assured me smoothly, “Simple, vulnerable and utterly transparent to me. You lack even the most basic defenses against psychic manipulation. I can overpower your will as easily as your body. You feel it now, don’t you Gail?”
‹Utterly transparent›
‹Overpower your will›
I found myself nodding along. That all made perfect sense: the dragon above me had bubbled out of my own subconscious desires. He could read my thoughts because he was inside my brain, and he could control my thoughts because he was just a manifestation of my own unspoken desires. I nodded and agreed, “Uh huh.”
Dimly, I wondered what was really going on. Was I about to play with myself in the back of a van? In the basement of someone’s house? Who was watching? The voice of dissent was small though. Powerless.
“That’s right,” the dragon brought his head down to me, “Your resistance is vanishingly weak. I could lift my claw, and you would lay waiting for whatever comes next.”
‹Lay waiting›
That seemed true. This part of my hallucination wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t mind just flopping on the ground and waiting to see what was going to happen next. Besides, I’d just dream up some reason I couldn’t get away anyway. There was no running from the contents of my own brain. I nodded up at the dragon and said, “Yeah.”
The dragon raised his claw off of me. This time the gesture made me feel exposed, my nipples standing stiff in the warm cave air. He peered down at me and said, “Lovely in body too.”
“I’m surprised,” I replied, as the sheer improbability of that struck me, “I’d think a giant lizard would want another giant lizard. You’re not even a mammal. I mean, would your dick even fit in me? Unless this is some kind of dragon kink…” My brain caught up to my mouth a moment later, and I blushed fiercely. I floundered, “I mean, that is -”
“Stop,” the dragon said firmly, laughter barely contained, “You’re going to accomplish what no knight in shining armor ever could: if you keep talking, I shall surely die.”

I was feeling nostalgic this week. Hard to imagine that I've been at this quite so long. Per the usual, it's already up on Smashwords, soon to be followed by Amazon and Nook.

Hope you all enjoy it, and are having a good summer. :)