Thursday, July 7, 2016

Doll On Call

Finished a new one over the holiday, and got it posted:

And a small excerpt:
I was in Lab Nine, the lights down because we were using it. It was one of several areas where we kept reinforcement chairs for slaves to help condition them. The device itself looked a bit like a dentist’s chair, but with leather restraints. Right now, Doll Patti was strapped into this one, with an assembly covering most of her head. Large, noise-canceling headphones were feeding her ultrasound and subliminals. A device that looked like an optometrist’s autorefractor was just a couple of inches in front of her face. I had enough room to see her face, her expression one of total rapture. Colored light danced in her wide, glassy eyes, the brightest thing in the otherwise dim space.
She was following along with the flood of messages being poured into her helpless, pliable brain, a stream of barely audible whispers, “Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey. Kneel. Submit. Obey.” 
While her face was mostly covered, the rest of her body was completely exposed. Her bare flesh glistened with sweat, and despite the fact that her mind was almost completely gone, her gigantic breasts heaved as she panted. A bright pink toy stuck out from between her legs, its buzzing almost subliminal too.
Her EEG readings were in one pane on the display in front of me, the colorful spikes narrow with her docility. The text of the messages she was being fed scrolled down the other side in real time. She was being fed far too many messages to keep up with verbally, her brain overwhelmed and soaking up command after command to accept and obey our authority.
The process was so thorough and intense that watching it felt hypnotic too.
Hope you all enjoy it, and hope you're having a good summer!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Smashwords Summer Sale

Hey all,

Summer hasn't been as work-friendly as I had hoped, but I've got a couple of projects that I'm still making progress on. In the meantime, Smashwords has a summer sale, and I've made every existing title half off over there for the time being. :)

Hope you all have a great Fourth! :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016



Reposting a bundle of earlier stories this week, two older ones and one of my recent offerings:

It's got reprints of On All Fours, Rear in the Window and Two For One: A Breeder Recruited.

Hope you guys enjoy. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Helping Harry Hustle: A First Date

Hi, everyone.

Well, things have been crazy around here, but I'm still back at work. I miss this place a lot when I can't be here. I'm hoping people like this story: tempted to write a sequel even if it doesn't catch on.

I looked at him and asked dully, “You got us a nice room, right?” 
“We’re going to be crashing someone’s party,” Harry said brightly, “But they won’t mind. And you’ll get to see how I bankroll my fun without stepping on the little guys.” 
“Right,” I nodded, starting to feel a little more awake. I paused a moment, then realization hit. I asked, “Do you rob from the rich and tip to the poor? Like a sort of half-assed Robin Hood?” 
“Ya got me,” he laughed again and admitted, “And in my defense, you never go the full Robin Hood. I could never pull off the tights, and the last time I held a bow and arrow I was lucky to figure out which way the pointy stick-thing went.” He patted my backside affectionately and added, “I’m impressed you’re that clever that fast, by the way. Not bad at all.” 
“Thanks,” I blushed. 
We exited the elevator and came to a door. No one else was in the hallway. He turned to me and said, “So, this will call for a lot more mojo than what I pulled at the front desk. I won’t just be sneaking into a room I don’t belong in, I’ll be talking big piles of cash out of people who don’t want to give it up. That’ll leave everybody in the room pretty fried, maybe even drooling by the time I’m done. I can inoculate you a bit first, but only by ordering you to pay attention. Like, a pre-dose of my power to keep you awake during the splashing.” 
I nodded and asked, “So… you’re telling me because this is the point of no return on this date? Like, if I step in there, I’m in for the duration?” 
“Yep,” Harry nodded and said, “This is the very last decision you get to make tonight, which is why I’m not messing with your brain. This once. What’ll it be?”

Hope you all like it. It'll be available in all the usual spots soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shared With His Permission

Winter break ran a little longer than I'd been hoping, but I'm back to work! Here's the latest piece, which I hope you all enjoy:

For a moment, I froze. I didn’t have any better idea of what to say to Stanley, and the whole thing had me feeling shy. I had no idea how to tell him I’d go down on him if only he’d watch some corporate training videos. He opened his mouth to ask what was up, but before he could speak, I heard myself say, “Actually, yeah. A friend at work gave me something, said I should check it out. She said it was, and I quote, ‘saucy.’”
I felt lightheaded and strange. Somehow, Mr. Blackwell had made me say that, made me lie, and I didn’t even care. It felt good.
A little like being a puppet.
Stanley paused with the pizza halfway to his mouth, tilted his head and asked, “You came home early to watch a dirty movie with me?”
I wondered what sort of ‘engaging’ material Mr. Blackwell had hooked me up with. Inside, I was frantic. Outwardly, I remained cool and collected, not even blushing. I just nodded and heard myself say, “That was the plan. Unless you object, dear?”
My husband shook his head and said, “No, I don’t think I’ll be doing that.” He nodded at the remote and said, “Go ahead and get us queued up. I don’t think I can contain my curiosity.”
I picked up the remote and tabbed over to the new menu option, intensely curious too. 
A disclaimer appeared on the screen from ‘Cute Trainer Productions,’ noting that all performers were over the age of 18.
“Well,” Stanley took a swig of beer and said, “That’s a good start.”
“Yeah,” I tried not to sound puzzled. This wasn’t at all what I remembered from my own corporate training, of course.
The film opened up on a pair of girls on a bed in their underwear, a blond and a redhead. Both looked to be in their early 20s at the latest and, without preamble, they began to make out.
“Who do you know at work who’d give you porn, sweetie?” Stanley sounded confused.
“Sheila,” I lied smoothly and without thinking again, “Short girl, brought a bottle of rum to the Christmas party?” I reached over and rubbed him through his sweatpants.

It's available on Smashwords so far, and coming to Nook and Amazon. Hopefully, more will be following soon - I miss this place when I can't be here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Two for One: A Breeder Recruited


Been a busy few months, but I finished the story I was last working on:

“Now,” his hand wandered down my cheek along my neck, and he began to rub my shoulder as he said, “I want to spend time with you. We haven’t seen each other in a long while, and there were a lot of things we wanted to do that we never had time for. That’s very true, isn’t it Irene?”
“Yesss…” I agreed. I’d always regretted never getting a chance to be with him, at least for a little while.
“But,” Jeff continued as his hand caressed my side lightly, “I don’t want to be rude to your friend Chloe, either. I did promise to spend the evening with her. I think the best thing for you both to do is agree to share me tonight. You and Chloe can share, can’t you?”
I stared up into his eyes as he suggested it. They seemed to be glowing again, a soft emerald light that I couldn’t tear my gaze away from. A part of me struggled with that for a moment. On the one hand, I wasn’t sure how I could tell Jeff ‘no’ to anything right now. 

It's already available on Smashwords, and will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon.

Hope you all enjoy it!

- Jessie

Friday, October 9, 2015

Stripped & Wired


Life got a little busy, but I've still been chugging away at projects. Here's the latest:

And here's a brief excerpt:
The mansion’s basement was spacious, and rendered in stone. The walls were decorated to look like they’d been hewn out of rough stone, while the floor was polished and smooth. There were several racks of toys in plain view, a wide variety of implements hanging from them. I saw whips and paddles. There were also several spots to shackle a girl to heavy duty wooden frames, and one cage that was too big to be a dog kennel. There were numerous boxes of polished hardwood. One of them was already open, and I could see dildos inside. There was a wooden throne with a pet bed in front of it in one corner.
It seemed someone had already picked out tonight’s main attraction, too: there was a set of stocks in the center of the room. Unlike old-timey ones that I’d seen in movies, these had a wooden framework behind them that looked a little like a picnic table. It was designed so that whomever was locked inside them ended up on all fours instead of standing up. 
The blond girl led me to the stocks. I followed along helplessly, clambering awkwardly up so that my ass was up and my wrists and neck rested in their spots. I was still covered by my short red skirt, but not very well. She lowered the top half of the device and locked me inside it. 
I was so passive that I couldn’t even strain at my bonds. I knew it wouldn’t do any good anyway. Everything here looked very solid. Past that, everything here felt a little familiar. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d done this before.

Stripped & Wired is already available for sale at Smashwords, and will be on Amazon and Nook soon. Hope you all enjoy it, and I'm already looking forward to my next one.

- Jessie